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Wavlite is a disruptive new Music & Video search service which provides users with a more efficient and effective way of searching for all of their favorite music and videos with the ability of creating their own dynamic searchlists. Wavlite is a revolutionary new service that puts the content and user first by shining a spotlight where it belongs - on you, the user. Join Wavlite today and never again be disappointed by the inadequacies of other existing services.

Try Wavlite out today! Once you are logged in to Wavlite, just type in the name of any band, song, or video you want, in to our search bar, pick your desired video from the results and either click it to play or drag-and-drop your desired video(s) in to the box below, creating your very own dynamic searchlist! Your searchlist will continuously play all of your desired content, without limits, so feel free to add as many videos or songs as you wish! Enjoy listening to or watching seamlessly all of your favorite music and/or videos on your own time, without limitations!

Soon you will be able to share your very own customized searchlist's with all of your friends on all of your favorite social media sites, and take all of the music and videos in the world with you, anywhere you go, with Wavlite, via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer! We welcome you to our community, and hope you enjoy using Wavlite as much as we do. Wavlite, redefining how people get all of their favorite music and video content!

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